Subcontractor Pre-Qualification & Monitoring

Hire the most competent and skilled subcontractors
with the help of SFTY’s pre-qualification process.

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When hiring a subcontractor, you need to know they can do the job

SFTY streamlines the subcontractor hiring process with a comprehensive pre-qualification service to ensure project safety and efficiency. Our process includes initial screening for business history and expertise, thorough verification of qualifications, certifications, and training, and a detailed insurance and liability coverage review. SFTY also examines the subcontractor’s safety record, financial stability, and compliance with legal and regulatory standards, supplemented by reference checks and past client feedback.

A risk assessment identifies potential project risks, and an interview process ensures alignment with project expectations. This meticulous approach ensures subcontractors meet the required standards and share a commitment to safety and quality, significantly reducing project risks and facilitating successful project completion.

Access to top talent and providing benefits like:

  • Skilled Subcontractor Access
    SFTY Ltd. connects you with highly skilled subcontractors, ensuring immediate access to professionals that prioritize safety and quality, reduce project delays, and enhance efficiency.
  • Risk and Cost Reduction
    Through meticulous pre-qualification, SFTY minimizes the risk of project delays and potential overspending, ensuring subcontractors deliver quality work within budget and on time.
  • Safety and Compliance Assurance
    Focused on health and safety, SFTY rigorously screens subcontractors for their safety records, significantly reducing workplace incident risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Expertise
    SFT offers ongoing subcontractor monitoring and leverages health and safety expertise, ensuring sustained high standards and providing peace of mind throughout the project.
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Choosing SFTY for your subcontractor pre-qualification and monitoring

SFTY ensures access to skilled subcontractors, reducing project delays and potential overspending by matching you with individuals who excel in their trades and adhere strictly to safety and quality standards. Our rigorous and comprehensive pre-qualification process and ongoing monitoring mitigate risks and maintain high standards throughout the project. SFTY’s expertise in health and safety guarantees that all subcontractors are technically proficient and deeply committed to creating a safe work environment, providing project managers and business owners peace of mind and confidence in their projects’ successful and safe completion.


Subcontractor pre-qualification and monitoring frequently asked questions

How does SFTY ensure the quality of subcontractors?

SFTY employs a meticulous pre-qualification process to ensure the quality of subcontractors, emphasizing safety, reliability, and expertise. This process includes verifying qualifications, assessing safety records, confirming insurance coverage, conducting reference checks, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Subcontractors undergo thorough onboarding and continuous monitoring, with feedback mechanisms in place for improvement. Through this systematic approach, SFTY selects subcontractors who meet high standards, minimizing risks and enhancing project outcomes for client satisfaction.

Pre-qualifying and monitoring subcontractors are crucial for reducing the risk of incidents on job sites, ensuring project timelines are met, decreasing potential overspending, and maintaining overall job quality. We ensure subcontractors have the necessary skills, training, and compliance to meet job requirements.

SFTY uses a comprehensive set of criteria to verify the competency of subcontractors, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards. This includes reviewing training records to confirm industry-specific expertise, analyzing safety statistics to assess commitment to safety, evaluating prior performance in terms of quality, timelines, and budget adherence, conducting reference checks for reliability and collaboration skills, assessing technical abilities and compliance with legal requirements, verifying financial stability, and ensuring alignment with safety culture. This rigorous process ensures that subcontractors selected for projects can deliver exceptional results while maintaining safety standards and project integrity.