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Safety Program Development frequently asked questions

What is included in the Safety Program Development service by SFTY?

The Safety Program Development service from SFTY offers a customized health and safety program that includes program development and implementation, creation of a custom safety manual and processes, extensive training and education for team members, clear communication, compliance with regulatory standards, and a commitment to continuous improvement as the company evolves.

SFTY customizes its safety programs through a detailed process that includes a comprehensive assessment of existing safety practices, understanding operational needs, collaboration with employees and management, tailoring programs to address industry-specific risks, customization according to company size and culture, ensuring regulatory compliance, and aligning the program with organizational goals.

SFTY ensures compliance and continuous improvement through regular audits and inspections, incident reporting and investigations, staying informed on regulatory changes and industry best practices, and adopting an evolving approach to safety management.

SFTY provides detailed reporting and statistical analyses, including monthly statistics, performance indicators, customized KPIs, analysis and insights, actionable recommendations, compliance tracking, and trend analysis, to enhance the effectiveness of health and safety programs.

SFTY’s Leadership Development training enhances leadership skills, promotes a proactive safety approach, builds a supportive safety-conscious work environment, establishes a positive safety culture, improves employee engagement and morale, ensures compliance and reduced liability, and enhances the organization’s reputation.

SFTY Ltd.’s training prioritizes safety, teaches hazard identification and risk assessment, promotes conducting thorough inspections, develops safety leadership skills, empowers employees to act on safety concerns, promotes open communication, encourages continuous learning, and builds a community of safety ambassadors.

Audits, Inspections & Investigations frequently asked questions

SFTY assists in obtaining a COR or SECOR by developing a comprehensive health and safety program, providing necessary training, coordinating the audit process, offering quality assurance, and acting as an external auditor to guide companies through the certification process.

After conducting an audit, SFTY offers support in developing and implementing a corrective action plan while maintaining the integrity and impartiality of the certification process by refraining from direct management or modifying the safety program.

SFTY ensures inspections meet industry standards through its team of safety professionals, strong affiliations with industry associations, detailed review processes, and client collaboration to tailor inspections to meet industry-wide and internal standards.

D.R.O.P.S. inspections are crucial in the oil and gas industry to identify and assess risks associated with dropped objects, one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, and to develop prevention strategies for a safer work environment.

Yes, SFTY assists in developing tailored safety plans and emergency response plans post-inspection, focusing on site-specific safety, risk management, working at heights plans, and robust emergency response strategies.

SFTY ensures confidentiality and discretion through strict confidentiality protocols, employing licensed professionals trained in discreet investigation, secure information handling, respecting the sensitive nature of cases, and client confidentiality agreements.

SFTY’s private investigators can handle cases of fraudulent injury claims, insurance fraud, domestic investigations, corporate investigations, and suspected infidelity, adapting their approach to suit each case’s demands and sensitivities.

A health & safety program promotes a positive safety culture, enhances employee productivity, improves employee retention, offers cost savings, ensures legal compliance, enhances reputation, and is crucial for risk management.

A ‘custom’ program means a safety solution designed specifically for a company’s unique requirements, including initial consultation, collaborative program development, consideration of budget constraints, integration of industry best practices, and ongoing support and updates.

A C.O.R. is a formal accreditation that signifies a company has developed and implemented a health and safety management system that meets provincial standards, involving a development process, internal review, external audit, and certification, indicating commitment to workplace safety.

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