Claims Management

Efficient claims management for your injured workers. WCB reporting in your region.

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An effective way to reduce short and long-term disability costs

WCB claims management requires attention to detail, experience and expertise to ensure they are correctly recorded, investigated and reported after they occur. Several entities can become involved, like medical professionals and WCB. SFTY can help. We have handled many types of WCB claims from start to finish while providing valuable insight to employers along the way.

Our claims management service is valuable for employers and employees as an extension of our comprehensive health and safety program development and implementation. It ensures that each claim is handled and appropriately monitored. As a partner for your business, we are working towards the common goal of a quick and safe return to work for your employees and minimizing long-term claim costs for your business.

Timely reporting and response is critical. Our claims monitoring includes:

  • Overseeing Injury Claims
    We can help ensure documents are completed and submitted correctly and help to submit additional required information.
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    We monitor all claims, so if additional information is needed, we can help the employee provide it promptly to WCB.
  • Oversight of Modified Work Program
    When it’s time to return to work in a modified capacity, we can help facilitate that while ensuring the employee doesn’t exceed their capacity, including follow-up, reporting, and communication with all parties involved.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
    Employers with a proven track record for safe work practices and a comprehensive return-to-work program can help reduce WCB premiums. Our team can provide strategies to help reduce your expenses.
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Choosing SFTY for your claims management

SFTY has a proven track record of managing workplace-related injury claims. We have extensive experience handling various claims and have seen firsthand how a WCB caseworker can make a decision that can impact a company financially. We work with the employer, medical care professional, WCB case manager, and the worker to ensure that the best decisions are being made for both worker and employer. As an external unbiased partner, our recommendations are based on our knowledge, experience, and best judgment of all relevant facts in the claims management process.


Claims management frequently asked questions

How does SFTY assist in the claims monitoring process?

In claims monitoring, we oversee injury claims to ensure all documents are completed and submitted correctly. We also continuously monitor all claims, facilitating the timely submission of additional required information to the WCB.

We play a critical role in overseeing modified work programs by helping facilitate a worker’s return to work in a modified capacity. We ensure the employee is given work within their capacity that is meaningful and valuable to both the worker and employer, report and communicate with all involved parties, and follow up as required.

Our claims management services help reduce long-term disability costs by ensuring efficient and accurate claims handling, overseeing effective return-to-work programs, and implementing cost-reduction strategies. Our expertise in seeking cost relief and employing private investigation strategies can reduce WCB premiums.

Employers need comprehensive claims management services to ensure proper handling of workplace injuries, support a quick and safe return to work for employees, and minimize financial impacts. This approach also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and helps maintain a positive workplace culture.