Safety Audits

Evaluate and improve your health and safety program. Our auditors can audit companies within all industries across Canada.

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Knowing where your business stands provides crucial data for improvement.

Safety audits tell us what we need to know about the state of your health and safety program today. We offer various audits to determine whether your health and safety program is being implemented effectively, as well as routine audits and COR preparation audits to help you address any issues before the real thing. Audits allow us to dive deeper into the workings of your programs and provide our expert advice and support on improving them for you and your team.

Our audit specialists are meticulous in performing our audit services to ensure your organization meets the highest standards and reaches your full potential.

We offer various audit services that include:

  • COR and SECOR Audits
    These audits aim to recognize employers with effective safety programs, offering benefits like premium incentives and showcasing commitment to workplace safety.
  • Maintenance Audits
    Essential for the ongoing COR certification process, providing a periodic review and utilizing external auditors to highlight areas for improvement.
  • Baseline Audits
    Evaluate readiness for COR certification, leading to action plans that address gaps and ensure organizations are prepared for successful certification.
  • Workplace/Compliance Audits
    Confirm safety program implementation at the workplace level, bridging policy and practice to enhance the organization’s safety culture.
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Choosing SFTY Ltd. for all your safety audits

Safety audits are essential for effective health and safety management, offering a detailed review of an organization’s safety program effectiveness and areas needing enhancement. SFTY Ltd. provides specialized audit services that evaluate the implementation of safety programs, support continuous safety focus, and prepare organizations for certifications like COR. Our in-depth analysis and expert advice ensure comprehensive examination and improvement of safety practices. SFTY Ltd.’s customized approach tailors audits to each client’s needs, promoting compliance, safety culture improvement, and strategic safety management enhancements, positioning organizations for success in achieving high safety standards and certifications.


Safety audit frequently asked questions

How does SFTY Ltd. assist companies in obtaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR)?

SFTY Ltd. assists companies in obtaining COR by developing tailored health and safety programs, providing employee and auditor training, coordinating the audit process, offering quality assurance, and acting as a certifying partner. Our comprehensive support ensures companies meet and exceed provincial health and safety standards.

A Baseline Audit with SFTY Ltd. identifies gaps in compliance, aligns safety programs with COR standards, develops an action plan for improvements, enhances safety culture, and prepares organizations for successful COR certification through comprehensive program evaluation and targeted recommendations.

SFTY Ltd.’s audit services are customizable to meet specific industry challenges and compliance issues, focusing on relevant operational aspects, industry-specific risks, and provincial regulations to improve safety measures and operational efficiency across various sectors.

Post-audit, SFTY Ltd. offers ongoing support, including implementing audit recommendations, developing action plans, training, follow-up audits, regular updates on regulations, and strategies for continuous improvement in safety culture, ensuring the long-term success of safety programs.