Certificate of Recognition COR Audits

Certification of recognition audits for Energy Safety Canada (ESC) and Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) protocol.

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Meeting provincial audit standards has never been easier

The Certificate of Recognition, or COR, is awarded to employers whose health and safety programs meet provincial standards. An external certified auditor must successfully complete a certification audit. The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) program is available for businesses with up to ten employees. To receive a Certificate of Recognition, your business must have a health and safety program that meets the COR program’s requirements. A certification audit is requested through your industry Certifying Partner.

COR & SECOR are the industry standard for health & safety. Our COR Audit process includes:

  • Get a Quote
    We’ll provide you with a quote, and when you’re ready to book with us, you’re added to our calendar for your kick-off meeting.
  • Audit Kick-off
    After the audit kick-off meeting, you should know exactly what to expect during the audit process. Whether it is a certification or maintenance audit, rest assured that we will answer all your questions.
  • Documentation
    The documentation process lasts 45 days, including interviews, site observations, and document review. Following this process, the report writing takes 21 days.
  • Review and Submission
    Once the report is complete, it will be submitted to your industry-certifying partner for a quality assurance review. Once submitted, the process can take up to 90 days.
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Why choose SFTY for your COR audit

We’re meticulous about safety standards and execution. As one of our most in-demand services, COR and SECOR audits are what we do best. If you are almost ready for a COR audit but want to be confident, our baseline audit can help prepare you for the real thing with our professional guidance and recommendations. There’s a competitive advantage for COR-certified organizations, and there is the possibility of WCB discounts in Alberta.


COR audit frequently asked questions

How does SFTY Ltd. assist businesses in obtaining a COR?

SFTY assists businesses in obtaining a COR by helping develop a safety program, providing training, coordinating the audit process, and ensuring quality assurance. We guide businesses through each step, from the initial assessment to the final submission of the audit report.

Achieving a COR can offer businesses several benefits, including competitive advantage, potential discounts on Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) premiums in Alberta, and recognition for meeting high standards in health and safety management. Depending on the client, having a COR is mandatory for some contracts.

COR requires an external audit for businesses with more than ten employees. SECOR is for businesses with up to ten employees and involves a self-assessment reviewed by a Certifying Partner. SFTY supports COR and SECOR by providing guidance, training, and audit coordination to ensure compliance and successful certification.