Drug & Alcohol Pre-Access/Post-Incident Testing

Swab and urine testing services to meet site requirements reliably and quickly

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Drug and alcohol testing for a safe work environment

SFTY’s drug and alcohol testing is vital for workplace safety, particularly in high-risk industries, as it immediately detects impairment to prevent accidents. It ensures legal compliance, reduces company liability, and deters employee substance use, thus decreasing workplace incidents. Our testing enhances worker productivity and focus while promoting health and wellness.

Drug and alcohol testing demonstrates a commitment to safety, fosters accountability, and is facilitated by partnerships with approved labs and medical review officers. It meets diverse testing needs for various employment scenarios. Our comprehensive approach supports a safe, productive work environment, reflecting SFTY’s dedication to occupational safety and organizational success.

We offer reliable Pre-access/post-incident testing services that include:

  • Pre-Access Testing
    SFTY’s pre-access testing is a proactive approach that ensures individuals are free from impairment before entering high-risk job sites, enhances safety, and meets industry compliance.
  • Post-Incident Testing
    Conducted after workplace incidents, this testing helps determine if impairment was a factor, aiding investigations and emphasizing a culture of safety and accountability.
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
    Triggered by observed behaviours, reasonable suspicion testing addresses safety concerns promptly, ensuring decisions are based on objective, unbiased evidence of impairment.
  • Return to Duty Testing
    Verifies that employees are fit for work after a violation, integrating them safely and responsibly while upholding workplace safety standards and supporting rehabilitation efforts.
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Choosing SFTY Ltd. for your pre-access/post-incident testing

Choosing SFTY Ltd. for pre-access and post-incident testing offers quick, accurate, and professional drug and alcohol testing services tailored to meet specific organizational needs. Our efficient processes and adherence to industry best practices guarantee reliable results, ultimately enhancing workplace safety and compliance. SFTY’s commitment to confidentiality and customized support underscores a safety-first culture, making us an ideal partner for maintaining the highest workplace safety standards and regulatory adherence.


Pre-access/post-incident testing frequently asked questions

What types of testing does SFTY Ltd. offer for drug and alcohol screening?

SFTY Ltd. offers comprehensive drug and alcohol screening services, including swab (saliva) testing and urine testing:

  • Swab (Saliva) Testing is a quick, noninvasive method that provides immediate results. It is ideal for detecting recent substance use in on-site settings.
  • Urine Testing is recognized for its broad detection range and accuracy. It is suitable for a comprehensive assessment of recent substance use history, with samples typically analyzed in a laboratory.

These methods cater to different testing needs and scenarios, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness in maintaining a safe workplace.

Pre-access drug and alcohol testing is crucial for:

  • Ensuring Workplace Safety: It helps prevent accidents by ensuring individuals are free from impairment before entering the job site.
  • Reducing Liability: Compliance with legal and regulatory standards through pre-access testing mitigates the company’s liability.
  • Promoting Health and Safety Culture: The company’s commitment to safety encourages a responsible work environment.
  • Enhancing Productivity: A drug-free workforce is more focused, efficient, and less likely to be absent, boosting overall productivity.

In post-incident testing scenarios:

  • Immediate Assessment and Decision: Following an incident, a quick assessment determines the need for testing based on predefined criteria.
  • Conducting the Test: Testing uses approved methods to determine if impairment contributed to the incident.
  • Results and Follow-up: The results are reviewed and communicated with necessary confidentiality, and actions are taken based on the findings to prevent future incidents.
  • Support and Rehabilitation: Offers support or rehabilitation services for employees identified with substance use issues.

SFTY Ltd.’s process for testing under reasonable suspicion includes:

  • Observation and Documentation: Documenting behaviours that suggest impairment.
  • Review and Decision: Management decides on testing based on documented observations.
  • Informing the Employee: The employee is informed about the testing respectfully.
  • Conducting the Test: The test is performed professionally, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Analyzing Results and Communication: Results are professionally reviewed, communicated, and followed up with appropriate actions, emphasizing support and confidentiality throughout the process.