About Us

At SFTY Ltd., our mission is simple yet profound: we are dedicated to assisting you in making your worksites safer.

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Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Bradley Huber, SFTY Ltd. emerged from organizations’ pressing need for enhanced health and safety programs. With Brad’s vast industry experience, SFTY offers innovative services like Safety Gap Analysis and Safety Culture Audits, focusing on identifying improvements and fostering a robust safety culture beyond mere compliance. This strategy significantly reduced workplace incidents, creating safer work environments.

Word-of-mouth propelled our growth, especially among Calgary’s Oil & Gas Industry, emphasizing the value of trust and effective service in consultancy. Maintaining a referral-only model for years allowed us to develop strong, personalized client relationships, ensuring customized and impactful safety solutions. As SFTY expanded, we attracted skilled professionals, reinforcing our commitment to excellence. Central to our success is the belief in cultivating a pervasive safety culture, proving that targeted, expert-driven strategies can transform workplace safety.

Bradley’s vision for SFTY was to go beyond traditional safety measures and compliance standards. Instead, the focus was on identifying opportunities for improvement and fostering a robust safety culture within businesses. By implementing this strategy, SFTY aimed to significantly reduce workplace incidents and create safer work environments for employees.

Why Choose SFTY?

Thanks to our comprehensive, human-centric approach, choosing SFTY Ltd. for health and safety program management brings unique benefits. We craft tailor-made safety programs that address each business’s specific challenges and needs, emphasizing the integration of tribal knowledge and a holistic view of safety. Our focus on fostering a safety-first culture within organizations aims to reduce incidents and promote safety as a core value.

By implementing the Human Organizational Performance philosophy, we acknowledge human fallibility and design systems to manage errors effectively. Our collaboration with leadership ensures the successful implementation of safety programs, backed by a proven track record of helping businesses achieve safety milestones and prevent incidents. SFTY’s approach meets regulatory compliance and positions businesses as leaders in workplace safety.


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Our Values

At SFTY Ltd., our philosophy is founded on the belief that a balance between rigorous health and safety policies and core values is essential in fostering strong client relationships. We recognize that while our services are rooted in comprehensive and stringent safety standards, the experience we offer our clients transcends mere transactions. Here’s how SFTY’s values enhance the client experience:


At SFTY, we place our clients at the center of everything we do. Our client-centric approach involves understanding and addressing each client’s unique needs, challenges, and goals. We are committed to providing personalized and effective services tailored to meet the specific requirements of every client we serve.


Integrity lies at the core of SFTY’s ethos. We operate with unwavering honesty and transparency, ensuring that our recommendations are always in the best interests of our clients, even if it means sacrificing potential business opportunities for ourselves.


Excellence is the cornerstone of SFTY’s approach to safety program management. We are deeply committed to delivering nothing short of the highest quality services to our clients, drawing on our expertise and attention to detail to achieve superior results.


Transparency is a fundamental principle at SFTY, guiding our interactions with clients every step of the way. We believe clear and open communication is essential for building trust, ensuring client involvement, and facilitating informed decision-making.

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Investing in your health & safety program is vital, and working with SFTY is valuable.

Partnering with SFTY for health and safety management is a strategic decision that benefits organizational well-being and success. SFTY offers direct access to leading professionals, ensuring expert support in navigating health and safety complexities. Our meticulous approach guarantees comprehensive coverage of safety programs, while exceptional customer service ensures productive interactions.

Customized solutions address unique business challenges, aligning with regulatory standards and operational goals. Collaborating with SFTY elevates safety standards across industries and positions your business as a leader, influencing a broader commitment to workplace safety. This partnership underscores a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in health and safety, contributing significantly to positive organizational culture and employee well-being.


Industry-leading Processes

SFTY Ltd.’s integration of rigorous health and safety policies with core values prioritizing client relationships illustrates a holistic approach to workplace safety consulting. This philosophy ensures the delivery of high-standard safety services and shapes a client experience characterized by respect, collaboration, and mutual success. The emphasis on values such as client-centricity, transparency, integrity, and quality transforms the engagement with SFTY from a transactional interaction to a meaningful partnership.