Onsite Safety Support Services

Take your safety program to the next level with our safety advisors, coaches and mentors

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Develop a culture of safety among your team with a coach or advisor

Integrating SFTY’s safety coaches or advisors into your organization significantly enhances your workplace safety culture by promoting proactive safety mindsets, attention to detail, and a vigilant environment. Our role is pivotal in fostering a culture where safety is a collective responsibility, emphasizing the importance of identifying and mitigating risks proactively. We equip teams with essential knowledge and skills by providing targeted training, encouraging positive behavioural changes and customizing safety solutions to meet specific workplace challenges.

We focus on developing internal safety leaders and offer ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement in safety practices. Our comprehensive approach safeguards employees and bolsters the organization’s overall success and sustainability, transforming the shift towards a safer work environment.

Critical support from a safety expert

  • Onsite Safety Advisors
    SFTY’s advisors bring industry-specific expertise in construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas, ensuring professionalism with CRSP, CSP, and CMIOSH compliance and project support qualifications.
  • Safety Culture Coaching
    SFTY’s coaches work to enhance existing safety programs, using behaviour-based safety approaches, supervisory training, and one one-on-one sessions to foster a comprehensive safety culture.
  • Behavioral Focus
    Emphasizing a behaviour-based safety program, SFTY promotes peer mentoring and open discussions to improve safety practices through positive worker engagement.
  • Positive Safety Attitude
    At SFTY’s core is promoting a positive safety attitude, and creating a workplace culture that prioritizes safety for all members.
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Choosing SFTY Ltd. for onsite safety support services

Choosing SFTY Ltd. for onsite safety support combines rigorous training and extensive education of advisors, ensuring they’re equipped with the latest safety knowledge. Our years of industry experience enable them to offer practical, customized solutions tailored to unique business needs. Emphasizing a proactive approach to risk management, SFTY Ltd. helps prevent incidents, ensuring a safer work environment and demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.


Onsite safety support services frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a safety advisor and a coach?

Safety advisors focus on project-based compliance and safety management, ensuring adherence to safety regulations and enhancing safety protocols. In contrast, safety coaches work with individuals or groups to improve safety performance, focusing on fostering a proactive safety culture and addressing behavioural aspects.

The frequency of visits by safety advisors or coaches is tailored to the client’s needs. Depending on specific safety goals or issues, advisors may be involved in long-term projects, while coaches may intervene on an as-needed basis.

SFTY Ltd.’s safety advisors and coaches possess extensive industry-specific experience and recognized safety certifications such as NCSO, CSO, or equivalent, ensuring they offer expert, relevant guidance in safety management and culture enhancement.

SFTY Ltd.’s safety culture coaches enhance workplace safety by engaging stakeholders, leveraging tribal knowledge, analyzing incident causes, reviewing safety documentation, assessing training needs, and setting targeted safety improvement goals, fostering a proactive and informed safety culture.