Risk Assessments

Identifying and addressing workplace hazards during worksite set-up and throughout the project lifecycle

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Taking the guesswork out of risk assessment

Engaging SFTY for risk assessment guarantees a meticulous evaluation of job site safety, removing guesswork. Our specialists conduct thorough evaluations, leaving no aspect unchecked, from environmental conditions to equipment usage. We provide customized recommendations tailored to your operation’s unique challenges, ensuring effective risk mitigation. By pinpointing priority issues requiring immediate attention, we facilitate efficient resource allocation.

With experienced safety specialists who are well-versed in regulations and best practices, our assessments are accurate and reliable. Entrusting SFTY assures that worker safety is paramount, fostering a culture of safety. Partnering with us guarantees comprehensive risk assessment, tailored solutions, priority identification, expert evaluation, and assurance of worker safety, creating a safer work environment and peace of mind.

Making informed decisions starts with a thorough risk assessment. Our services include:

  • Worksite Setup Risk Assessments
    Specialists evaluate layout, equipment, conditions, and emergency procedures to prevent accidents and injuries during setup.
  • Work Process Risk Assessments
    Continuous evaluations of task sequences, equipment usage, and compliance ensure safe and efficient operations.
  • Safety Recommendations and Solutions
    Customized solutions, including engineering controls and training enhancements, mitigate risks and enhance workplace safety.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement
    Ongoing risk assessment, safety audits, and incident reviews ensure proactive safety measures and continuous improvement.
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Choosing SFTY for your risk assessments

Our specialized professionals conduct thorough assessments, identifying overlooked risks with practical recommendations. With us, you gain peace of mind knowing your job site’s safety is in capable hands. We prioritize safety across industries, offering comprehensive risk assessment services to mitigate risks and promote a safe work environment. Trust SFTY for meticulous assessments and proactive safety measures, allowing you to focus on your project confidently.


Risk assessment frequently asked questions

What kind of job sites does SFTY provide risk assessment services for?

SFTY offers risk assessment services for various industries, leveraging extensive experience and expertise to ensure safety excellence across diverse job sites. While we specialize in Construction, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Civil, Farm and Ranch, and Manufacturing, we also provide services to all sectors. Here’s an overview of the sectors for which we offer risk assessment services:

While we specialize in the aforementioned industries, we offer risk assessment services to organizations across all sectors. Our expertise and experience allow us to adapt our risk assessment methodologies to meet any industry’s unique needs and challenges.

SFTY conducts comprehensive risk assessments for new job sites to ensure team member safety. This involves on-site evaluations to identify hazards like uneven terrain and inadequate safety equipment. Recommendations are tailored to mitigate risks, prioritizing issues based on severity. Assessment findings are documented in detailed reports for the client, who receives ongoing support in implementing safety measures. This process aims to create a safe work environment and prevent incidents or accidents.

At SFTY, we customize risk assessments for each job site based on its unique characteristics and challenges. We analyze the site thoroughly, considering factors like the nature of work, layout, environment, and existing safety protocols. Our criteria are tailored to address specific risks relevant to the industry and activities performed.

With industry expertise and flexibility, we adapt our approach to changing conditions and collaborate with clients to address their needs. Continuous improvement ensures our assessments remain effective and relevant, providing personalized insights and recommendations to enhance safety and mitigate risks effectively.