Comprehensive inspections ensure high standards for safety are being met. Any industry. Any job site.

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From pre-job planning through to job completion, SFTY inspections are unmatched.

SFTY’s inspection services are essential for upholding safety across diverse industries and ensuring compliance with legislative and internal standards. By customizing inspections to each client’s specific needs and industry challenges, SFTY sets clear expectations for safety compliance. Our comprehensive scope spans from initial assessments to completion inspections, adeptly identifying hazards and implementing controls to mitigate risks.

SFTY emphasizes legislative compliance and the maintenance of safety standards, acting as a collaborative partner in safety and providing tailored advice for continuous improvement. Our versatile approach adapts to various industries and job sites, fostering a culture of safety and compliance and ultimately protecting employees, assets, and the business’s reputation. SFTY ensures businesses meet and exceed established safety standards through our proactive and comprehensive inspection strategy.

Inspections are crucial for proper compliance and risk mitigation. We offer:

  • General Worksite Inspections
    SFTY Ltd. ensures worksites and rigs meet safety standards before and during operations, focusing on compliance, equipment functionality, and hazard prevention.
  • Drilling Rig, Service Rig, and Compliance Inspections
    Evaluate drilling operations for safety, operational integrity, and compliance with industry regulations to mitigate risks and ensure crew safety.
  • Facility, Wellsite, and Completions Inspections
    Assesses facilities and well-site operations for safety compliance, focusing on structural integrity, environmental protection, and safe completion processes.
  • WHMIS, Pre-Job Planning, and Transport Inspections
    Ensures compliance with WHMIS standards, evaluates safety in pre-job planning, and checks transport operations for regulatory adherence and safety.
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Choosing SFTY Ltd. for your inspection needs

Opting for SFTY Ltd.’s inspection services ensures unparalleled expertise and a commitment to safety compliance and risk management across various sectors. SFTY offers industry-wide expertise, tailoring our services to meet the unique demands of your worksite with a keen eye for precision and quality. Our comprehensive safety solutions extend beyond inspections, involving detailed safety plan development, risk management, and emergency preparedness, all customized to your needs. With SFTY, you’re investing in a proactive approach to safety that values employee well-being and enhances your company’s overall performance.


Inspection services frequently asked questions

How does SFTY Ltd. ensure that its inspections meet industry standards?

SFTY stays abreast of regulatory changes and updates within the industry. This includes monitoring amendments to health and safety legislation, industry standards, and best practices. SFTY Ltd. ensures inspections exceed industry standards through comprehensive evaluations, utilizing industry and client checklists, and tailoring inspections to meet specific business needs and regulatory changes.

Post-inspection, SFTY Ltd. assists in creating tailored safety plans, risk registers, and emergency response strategies, offering continuous support and improvement to ensure businesses are prepared for potential incidents.

SFTY Ltd. customizes its inspection services for various industries by employing experienced inspectors, using tailored checklists, and adapting methodologies to meet each client’s unique operational and regulatory requirements.

During inspections, SFTY Ltd. identifies and assesses hazards, offering actionable recommendations and supporting the implementation of safety improvements, thereby enhancing workplace safety and fostering a culture of continuous safety improvement.